Raising Confident Kids

The best methods for raising confident kids

Raising confident kids is an important topic for any mother or father. Some children suffer from excessive shyness, which negatively affects them whether with their friends or classmates at school, which may continue with them until they reach young adulthood. To treat this and increase their self-confidence, some advice that we will learn about in the following lines must be followed.

Praise the child for raising confident kids

Parents should praise the child for doing some work, even if it is small, so that he feels an increase in self-confidence.

Encouraging some activities

The mother must encourage the child to practice some sports and artistic activities, which helps him feel safe, develop his self-efficacy, and increase his self-confidence among his colleagues.

Teach your children the art of choosing

Parents must teach children to choose between what is right and wrong, and give them this opportunity, which makes the child feel self-confident, strong, and responsible.

Help with household matters

Helping children with household chores increases their character strength and self-confidence, such as helping with cooking and setting the table for raising confident kids.

Stimulate the child for raising confident kids

Parents must encourage the child by giving him a symbolic reward for doing some work, such as housework or excelling in some sports or artistic activities for raising confident kids.

Unconditional love for raising confident kids

To ask for conditions in order to love your child more!! This means that he is not worthy of this love without these conditions!!

“I love you if you come first in class,” this is what the child hears.

(Without being first, you do not deserve love) Here we nourish external confidence at the expense of internal confidence.

The child always needs external factors to be confident that he deserves love, and this puts great pressure on him in order to succeed and be among the first. It may create an adverse reaction in him, such that he hates studying and rejects it because it is linked to the love of others and his self-confidence.

Raising Confident Kids
Raising Confident Kids

Our own time for raising confident kids

The height of appreciation and love comes when I make time for you alone! Just you and me talking, playing, jumping, singing, walking and doing whatever you want.

My time now is yours to look at you, to love you, to listen to you, to do what you love, just you and me. What the child hears is, “I am enough, I deserve this time.”

Here you are strengthening the child’s inner confidence by talking to himself for raising confident kids.

Beware of directing in front of others

But what if your child does wrong behavior in front of everyone?

Break the tension and change the subject to save your child from the pit of shyness. Face your child between you and him only.

Beware of mocking his opinion or words, no matter how funny or wrong his opinion may seem to you.

Be careful not to get close to your child, talk about the opinion or sentence he said, and give him the necessary evaluation with all love and wisdom.

Don’t complain about him to anyone or talk bad about him, even between yourself.

Beware of punishment, no matter its method, for punishment destroys and does not build anything.

Education is an integrated whole, and self-confidence is the essence of education, so be careful to build and maintain your child’s self-confidence with every action, behavior, sentence, and word you say to him.

Respect your child in every sense of the word

A child who lives in a home that respects his humanity in all its smallest details is a balanced child, confident in himself, because his mother and father’s respect for him makes him feel the sanctity and high status of his self.

Here we strengthen internal confidence, as your child will respect and appreciate himself because he is accustomed to respect at home.

Ask his permission before doing anything related to him (Can I turn down the TV volume?)
Ask for his opinion on most details of life, no matter how simple or complicated they may seem to you.
Listen carefully and carefully when he speaks, expresses his opinion, or comments for raising confident kids.

Praise the beauty of the body in all its details for raising confident kids

Praise your child with all his details: his appearance, hair, and the beauty of his mouth, nose, and fingers. Ask him to look at himself in the mirror and say to him, “Do you see how beautiful you are?”. Praise him.

Do not say, “You are beautiful” when you “comb your hair, or when you wear a dress.” Do not put conditions on the beauty of your appearance.”.

This is how you can enhance your child’s inner confidence in his body, shape, hair, and skin color. In this way, we build a strong child capable of facing bullying with great inner confidence.

The self is a precious jewel

Always evaluate the behavior and not the self: “I did not like what you did now, what you did with your friend was wrong, this behavior is bad!”

What you did is bad === No, you are bad

This post is wrong ==== No, you are wrong

This behavior is annoying === No, you are annoying

Do not describe your child with any bad quality (you are annoying, bad, etc.)

In this way, you strengthen your child’s inner confidence, which he will need when he makes a mistake, when he wants to evaluate himself and his mistakes.

This is how you help your child be compassionate with himself for raising confident kids.

You are responsible, you are capable

Imagine that you are an employee in a company, and in front of everyone, the manager asked you to do a job, and said to you: Only you are capable of doing it correctly!

How do you feel at this moment? What is your level of self-confidence? Serve it to your child in the same way.

Give your child real tasks and responsibilities appropriate to his age, motor abilities, and development.

Here you are strengthening your child’s inner self-confidence, “Mama trusts me and my abilities, I am capable.”

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